In the onset of the crisis in Ukraine on February 24 this year, all Canadians watch the events unfold with deep sadness. As we see millions of refugees displaced by the destruction, Church Planting Ministries Inc. (CPMI) has set up a special fund to support the humanitarian efforts for the affected.

In partnership with the Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches (FEBC) through their Fellowship Aid and International Relief (FAIR) arm, CPMI aims to assist in their humanitarian relief to our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ through financial means. As a large group of churches within the Canadian-Filipino diaspora, our community so strongly believes in family. We are watching these horrific events unfold on our cellphones, computer screens and televisions today, and we are seeing Ukrainian families in extreme distress and pain. Many of them are women, children and the elderly. We would like to extend Christ’s enduring love to the Ukrainian people in the best way our Christian community knows how.

All donations received for the Ukraine Fund will be used by the FAIR team and partners in Poland. Poland has seen a record one million refugees enter the country in under twelve days, and the number continues to grow. The teams there will provide assistance, aid and humanitarian efforts for the millions of refugees fleeing from all across Ukraine.

Please keep the people and the country of Ukraine in your prayers. All donations for the Ukraine Fund can be done by Clicking on the "Donate to the Ukraine Fund" image above. At this time, we are unable receive physical donations of goods and consumables. All support to the Ukraine Fund is immensely appreciated.



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There's the textbook definition and there's the Wikipedia. But for Church Planting Ministries Inc. (CPMI), a Canadian registered Charity, "church planting" is more than just a buzzword. It is our purpose and lifestyle. CPMI's mission is to bring the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to all nations and make disciples by planting churches that plant churches worldwide. Since 2000, CPMI has helped over 100 churches get started and grow. 

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  • Meadowvale Lighthouse Christian Ministries (Mississauga, ON)
  • Brampton Lighthouse Christian Ministries (Brampton, ON)
  • The Outbound Church (Mississauga, ON)
  • Outbound North (Manitoulin Island, ON)
  • Gospel Messenger Church ( Mississauga, ON)
  • Lighthouse Bible Church - Don Mills (North York, ON)
  • GospelTrend Toronto (Toronto, ON)
  • GospelTrend London (London, ON)
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  • GospelTrend Kitchener (Kitchener, ON)
  • Jesus Christ the Living Bread International (Scarborough, ON)
  • Agape Salvation Ministries (Brampton, ON)
  • Agape International Communities (Toronto, ON)
  • Christ Connections Chuch Toronto, ON)
  • Every Nation Church Calgary (Calgary, AB)
  • I am, Redeemer & Master Ministries – IRM Calgary, AB
  • I am, Redeemer & Master Ministries – IRM Edmonton, AB
  • I am, Redeemer & Master Ministries – IRM Llyodminster, AB
  • I am, Redeemer & Master Ministries – IRM Steinbach, MB
  • I am, Redeemer & Master Ministries – IRM Winnipeg, MB
  • I am, Redeemer & Master Ministries – IRM Thornhill, ON
  • I am, Redeemer & Master Ministries – IRM Toronto, ON
  • Arise International Ministry (Whitby, ON)
  • The Shepherd's Flock Church Int'l Ministries (Surrey, BC)
  • Glorious Hope Christian Fellowship (Mississauga, ON)
  • Immanuel Christian Ministries (Mississauga, ON)
  • House of Faith City Church (Milton, ON)
  • God's Kingdom Fellowship (Mississauga, ON)
  • Christ's Commission Fellowship - CCF Vancouver (BC)
  • Christ's Commission Fellowship - CCF Edmonton (AB)
  • Christ's Commission Fellowship - CCF Toronto East (ON)
  • Christ's Commission Fellowship - CCF Toronto North (ON)
  • Christ's Commission Fellowship - CCF Prince Albert (SK)
  • Christ's Commission Fellowship - CCF Calgary (AB)
  • Christ's Commission Fellowship - CCF Winnipeg (MB)
  • Christ's Commission Fellowship - CCF Mississauga (ON)
  • Christ's Commission Fellowship - CCF Regina (SK)
  • Christ's Commission Fellowship - CCF Ottawa (ON)
  • Genesis Ministerial Church (Toronto. ON) 
  • Jesus Christ The Deliverer (Brampton, ON)
  • All Nations Southern Baptist Church (Toronto, ON)
  • Emmanuel Outreach Langley (Langley, BC)
  • Jesus Christ Son of God (Cambridge, ON)
  • All Nations Southern Baptist Church (Toronto, ON)
  • Followers of Christ Church (Edmonton, AB)
  • LAMI (Mississauga, ON)
  • Potter's House of Toronto (Toronto, ON)
  • Life Community Church Edmonton (AB)
  • Leamington International Fellowship (ON)

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