HOW TO    START SERVING IN A MINISTRY                          

 1. SEEK GOD'S WILL for your LIFE 

The starting point in the journey of life with Christ is to seek God's will. That means reading, studying and meditating on the word of God revealed to us through the Bible. As we know His word more, we will know His heart and His purpose for each one of us. 


To be able to grow in the knowledge of the Lord, we must all be connected to a local church. The Church is Christ's body on earth and the means to which we will experience God's love. Loving God is the first commandment and the second is loving others. This is expressed by our participation in church. We must be disciples and then to disciple others as well.

 4. SEEK GODLY COUNSEL to discover gifts 

Speak with your pastors, leaders and brothers/sisters-in-Christ. They will be able to discern the spiritual gifts the Lord has blessed you with. They will be able to encourage you and point you towards the ministry you can serve using God's spiritual gifts to you. 

 5. VOLUNTEER in a ministry where your gifts fit

The best way to start anything is to just jump in. Don't wait for anyone to "discover" you. Go volunteer. You may not see the best fit immediately but the Lord will surely reveal where you should be. To start, just go ahead and volunteer. Speak to one of the ministry leaders about your desire to serve, then serve. 

 6. IF YOU STILL NEED HELP to get started...

Email us at and we will help you get plugged in.


Find out what your SPIRITUAL GIFTS are, take this 5-fold Ministry Survey.


  SERMONS & BIBLE STUDIES                    

We are featuring some of the sermons by pastors, elders, church planters and missionaries from CPMI member-churches in this page. It is our prayer that our leaders continue to preach the word of God with boldness and fervor. We hope you are blessed with these sermons as much as it blessed us.

Dear pastors and workers, please send us audio files of your church's preaching if you wish to share them here. Email them to Be blessed and be a blessing! 

  WHAT IS EXPOSITORY PREACHING?                                      

"Expository Preaching - is the communication of a biblical concept, derived from and transmitted through a historical, grammatical and literary study of a passage in its context, which the Holy Spirit first applies to the personality and experience of the preacher, then through the preacher, applies to the hearers." - Haddon W. Robinson

To simplify, expository preaching requires 3 things to be present: 1) Biblical Content in Context, 2) Anointing of the Holy Spirit and 3) Practical Application for hearers.



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